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Research Articles:
Artificial Weathering of Melamine - Impregnated Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Larch (Larix sibirica) Wood
  [Download pdf] pp. 3-9
  Holta ÇOTA, Entela LATO, Doklea QUKU
Analysis of Noise Level at MDF and Particleboard Processing with Different Feeding Speed
  [Download pdf]     pp. 10-17
  Kayode OLAOYE, Abiodun OLUWADARE
Examination of Fibre Characteristics of Aningeria robusta Wood and its Suitability for Paper Production
  [Download pdf]     pp. 18-24
  Ighoyivwi ONAKPOMA, Oluwafemi Abiodun OLUWADARE, Timothy Adeyinka AMUSAN
Fibre Characteristics of Agave sisalana for Pulp and Paper Production
  [Download pdf]     pp. 25-29
  Ebenezer IYIOLA, Motunrayo OGUNLEYE, Babatola OLUFEMI, Jacob OWOYEMI, Samuel AYANLEYE
A Study of Combustion Properties of Briquettes Produced from a Blend of Sawdust - Banana Leaves and Cow Dung in Nigeria
  [Download pdf]     pp. 30-37

Flash News

pp. 38


  DITRAMA - The "Digital Transformation Manager" for the Furniture Industry: A Key Figure to Face Opportunities and Changes Taken by New Technologies
  [Download pdf] pp. 39-42
  Newsletter DITRAMA project
  [Download pdf]     pp. 43
  Newsletter FACET project
  [Download pdf] pp. 44
Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language) pp. 45


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