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Research Articles:

  Marie-Christine LAGEL, Antonio PIZZI, Andreas REDL
Phenol - Wheat Protein - Formaldehyde Adhesives for Wood - Based Panels
  [Download pdf]     pp. 3-17

Simulation of Translational - Rotational Motion of Wood Particles During the Process of Particle Orientation
  [Download pdf] pp. 18-25
  Lidia GURAU
The Influence of Earlywood and Latewood Upon the Processing Roughness Parameters at Sanding
  [Download pdf]     pp. 26-33
  Ivan CISMARU, Adriana FOTIN
Design and Manufacturing of Modular Parquet Flooring in Industrial System
  [Download pdf]     pp. 34-45
  Cristina OLARESCU, Mihaela CAMPEAN, Anca VARODI
Colour and Dimensional Modifications of Solid Wood Panels Made from Heat-Treated Spruce Wood after Three Months of Outdoor Exposure
  [Download pdf]     pp. 46-54
  Gavril BUDAU, Mihai ISPAS
Theoretical Clarifications Regarding the Concept of Working Capacity of Wood-Working Machine-Tools
  [Download pdf]     pp. 55-61


  Students and Graduates of our Faculty Winners of the National Furniture Design Competition, Bucharest 2014 pp. 62

Flash News

pp. 63
Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language) pp. 64-65


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