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Research Articles:

Mechanical Properties of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) with Impregnation Modifiers
  [Download pdf]     pp. 3-10

  Ibrahim BEKTAS
Evaluation of Earlywood and Latewood of Calabrian Pine (Pinus Brutia Ten.) in Terms of Site Index
  [Download pdf] pp. 11-17
  Ozlem OZGENC
Coating Systems Based on Acrylic Resins with UV Absorbers - Determination of Some Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties
  [Download pdf]     pp. 18-22
  Mihaela CAMPEAN, Sachio ISHII, Sergiu GEORGESCU
Drying Time and Quality of EDS-Treated Compared to Untreated Beech Wood (Fagus japonica)
  [Download pdf]     pp. 23-30
  Kehinde OLONISAKIN, Olufemi BABATOLA, Ajabaluku JULIET
Preliminary Investigation of the Suitability of Chasmanthera Dependens (Hosct) and Waste Paper for Production of Cement-Bonded Composite
  [Download pdf]     pp. 31-36
  Olimpia-Minerva TURCAS (cas. DIACONU), Adriana FOTIN
The Evolution and the Characteristics of Wooden Flooring for Gym and Sport Courts
  [Download pdf]     pp. 37-44

Flash News

pp. 45


  CHALLENGE, DETERMINATION, SUCCESS - Exhibition of the Dissertation Projects 2017 at the Faculty of Wood Engineering in Brasov  
  [Download pdf]     pp. 46-47
Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language) pp. 48-49


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