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Research Articles:
Taxonomic Study of French Guiana Fungi to Identify and Isolate Pure Cultured Fungi for Oleoresin Production in Aquilaria: Use of Sequences from the Small Ribosomal DNA (R) Subunit (SSU) and the Two Primer Pairs SR6/SR10R and SR7/SR1R
  [Download pdf] pp. 3-16
  Olaoluwa ADEGOKE, Funke ADEBAWO, Kayode OLAOYE
Preparation and Characterization of Wood-Based Adhesive From Oil of Pyrolysed Lignocelluloses Waste
  [Download pdf]     pp. 17-24
  Sadhna TRIPATHI, Shweta BHATT
A Study on Imported Timber Performance in Industrial Cooling Tower
  [Download pdf]     pp. 25-33
  Kayode OLAOYE, Funke ADEBAWO
Selected Acoustic Properties of Aningeria robusta (A.Chev) Wood in Relation to Fibre and Physico-Mechanical Properties
  [Download pdf]     pp. 33-44
  Biborka BARTHA
Vernacular Housing and Furnishing Patterns of Cernatu Village, Covasna County, Romania
  [Download pdf]     pp. 45-54
  Ganiyat Funke ODEBUNMI, Olukayode Yekin OGUNSANWO, Adewunmi Omobolaji ADENAIYA, Nureni Adedapo ADEWOLE, Julius Olusegun OYEDELE
Effect of Lamina Thickness on Selected Properties of Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris Schrad.ex J.C. Wendl.) Glulam Board
  [Download pdf]     pp. 55-63

Flash News

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  DITRAMA - Digital Transformation Manager Occupational Profile Final Report
  [Download pdf] pp. 65-91
  DITRAMA - Skills Fine-Tune Final Report
  [Download pdf]     pp. 92-125
  Newsletter FACET project
  [Download pdf] pp. 126

Glossary of Speciality-Specific Terms (available only in Romanian language)

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