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Research Articles:
  Mehmet Nuri YILDIRIM, Abdurrahman KARAMAN, Ismail Kivilcim ALCA
Determination of the Mechanical Behavior of Laminated Wood Products Under Different Temperatures
  [Download pdf] pp. 3-12
  Ihor BEN, Yuriy OZYMOK, Volodymyr SHOSTAK
Substantiation of Regimes Applied When Sharpening Veneer Peeling Lathe Knives by a Multi-Cup Abrasive Disk
  [Download pdf]     pp. 13-21
  Osman ÇAMLIBEL, Tugba Yilmaz AYDIN
Effects of Zeolite on Some Physical Properties and Formaldehyde Release of Medium Density Fiberboard
  [Download pdf]     pp.22-28
  Rrahim SEJDIU, Ramadan TOPUZI, Muharrem SEJDIU, Agron BAJRAKTARI
A Survey of the Volume, Species, Origin of Lumber and Equipment Used for Kiln Drying of Lumber in Republic of Kosovo
  [Download pdf]     pp. 29-36
  Biborka BARTHA, Alin M. OLARESCU
Vernacular Architectural and Furnishing Patterns of Stroe?ti Village, Arge? County, Romania
  [Download pdf]     pp. 37-45
  Kojo Agyapong AFRIFAH, Ebenezer Oku-Ampofo ASIEDU-AGYEI, Stephen Jobson MITCHUAL
Statistical Optimization of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Briquettes of Ceiba Pentandra Sawdust and Agricultural Residue
  [Download pdf]     pp. 46-60
  Mihai ISPAS
Improvements of Wood Milling Machines
  [Download pdf]     pp. 61-67
Conversion Efficiency of Fir Sawlogs Into Lumber
  [Download pdf]     pp. 68-74

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